About Jana Lilian Kaiser

“Born in Germany, Jana Lilian Kaiser has traveled the globe taking pictures – living in Berlin, Paris, New York and San Francisco along the way.

Her photos have been published internationally in a variety of newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, Rolling Stone and People Magazine.

Jana’s pursuit of photography began with portraits and nudes, and then progressed to a distinguished career photographing some of the most famous rock, blues and pop musicians of our time as a way to combine her passion for music, travel and photography into a single art form. Her artistic eye captures not only the essence of many musical icons, but conveys their stories in a personal, intimate way as well.

Having now settled in Manitou Springs Jana has shifted the subject matter of her work from the rock-n-roll realm to individual and family portraits. Jana’s ability to capture the essence and spirit of her subjects – which is what made her musical portraits so popular – now elevates her individual, family, wedding and special occasion portraits to the level of art.”